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Studyeze is an E-Learning Platform & has been selected as a compatible Startup under the Government services of Startup India Project.
We're doing our best to make this project more successful. We have one of the best developers in our team.
It is Globally ranked by Alexa all over the World. Our Developers continuously works for Creative Designs.

Studyeze Headquarters- UCER, Prayagraj

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide best contents and resources to engineering graduates to increase their learning productivity & for better enhancement of their technical and programming skills.

Studyeze Key Features

Studyeze available for 24 hours a day to support their users. If you were facing any kind of problem, connect with studyeze support team to solve your issues.

– Live Chat Help –

Studyeze had fixed unlimited bugs reported by our users and ready to welcome all new bugs report as we want to give best experience to our users.

– Report Bugs –

Studyeze Honoured our best users by providing bluetick to them after a complete verification of their profile and participation in studyeze services.

– Bluetick Verification –

Here are some of the best facilities provided by Studyeze for the ease and betterment of our users, so that they can access all the feature without facing any problem.

– Studyeze Facilities –

Studyeze improves itself with user's feedback and update itself regularly to enhance user's experience and increase performance of studyeze.

– Ask For Feedback –

Studyeze User can contact with studyeze team in business hours by just filling a form. Studyeze will contact you back within 24 hours of filling contact form.

– Contact Us –

Studyeze Developers Community is now on Discord Server. Join to enhance your coding skills by getting best programming stuffs regularly.

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Let's See,
What Our Developers Say

Designing Studyeze is a great oppurtunity for me,Starting from E-Library to a Social Learning Platform, we've come a long way to make Studyeze Successful.

Mohammad Saquib Khan
Founder,Technical Head

Got a big oppurtunity to show my creativity for designing an attractive Website for you so that you can access all the features of studyeze without any problem.

Mahak Agrawal
Web Developer

My top-notch plans to establish our brand, not only helped us provide you with great content but also achieve the Studyeze short as well as long-term goals.

Malika Sharma
Marketing Head

Let's Meet With Studyeze Team

Mohammad Saquib Khan

Founder/ Technical Head

Malika Sharma

Marketing Head

Mahak Agrawal

Web Developer

Namrata Sahani

Web Developer

Kirti Sahu

UI Developer

Nisha Gupta

Database Manager

Anuj Pandey

Frontend Designer

Manish Kumar

Event Planner

Anshul Verma

Cybersecurity Head