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WebCode (Coming Soon)

WebCode IDE is an incredible IDE for the Web Developers. Dev Team uses WebCode to design the Website & also to test the code snippets
Mohammad Saquib Khan
Founder, Studyeze


.rect {

background: linear-gradient(


$gray 0%,

$dark-gray 100%); }


var colors = ["#74B087","#DE7300","#74B087"];

function animate() {};


The Best place to Learn, Build & Test your code.

Studyeze is a social E-Learning development environment for Learners, Designers and Web Developers. Build and deploy a website, Learn Programming languages, build test cases to learn and debug, and find inspiration.

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Build & Test (WebCode)

Get work done quicker by building out entire projects or isolating code to test features and animations. Want to keep it all under wraps? Starting from 1st November, 2020 Get ready to run your code snippets.

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Learn & Discover

Just starting out? Browsing, forking, and playing with Web is a great way to understand how they were built and how code works. Teaching a class? Blog mode lets you to read the blogs on building different tools with WebCode.

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Become a part of the most active front-end community in the world by sharing your work with us. Presenting at a conference? Show your code directly in the browser with Presentation Mode

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